Today’s struggles on our southern border have their origins in the treaties of Guadeloupe Hidalgo and The Gadsden Purchase wherein the United States obtain large territories from Mexico that later joined our nation through statehood. This began a shared and complicated history with the people of both nations. Today the United States is blessed with many citizens who have a Mexican heritage. These people brought with them a shared appreciation for hard work, family and faith that has made great contributions to our society.

While it is necessary to for any sovereign nation to control its borders and protect its citizens, our the current problems with immigration have more to do with financial opportunities, the structure of US citizenship and social safety net imbalance. Currency valuation differences between the US dollar and the Mexican peso creates advantages and disadvantages for the business and citizens of both countries. This impacts the need for greater control of our border today.

In the long run we need to look at bigger ideas and create a solutions that cannot be subverted the election cycles of both nations.  Instead, the United States and Mexico should move closer together. Beginning with stronger economic partnerships in the near term, we could explore the idea of merging together as nations in the next 50 years. The combined populations, compatible cultures, and abundant natural resources would allow for a greater North American future in this century and beyond.

Learning from the success and failures of the European Union, we could resolve differences in household earnings, currency valuations and languages.  With planning, we could build an opt-in program for the people of Mexico to consent to annexation that would allow a trading federation to become a combined nation. This approach permanently stabilizes the border and improves the future of citizens for centuries to come.